Dear Visitor,

In case you wish to buy or rent a property in Hungary, but you are not familiar with the language, or you just simply need more information about the deal, do not hesitate to contact my office for assistance!

With your authorization, my office collects all the necessary documentations and information regarding the deal and the property and makes them available for you in English language.

My office deals with property sale transactions, the preparation of the necessary legal contracts and the representation of my customers in front of the Hungarian authorities. In case of contracting, we provide all the legal documentations in two languages, in Hungarian and in English, but in case it is needed and possible, we arrange the translation of the contracts into the mother language of the customer as well.

If you need a reliable Hungarian partner for the arrangements of your real estate transactions, contact me, firstly via email on the [email protected] email address.

Ajánlja ismerőseinek!